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Gas oven repair

We understand clearly that kitchen appliances are ones of the most important appliances in the house, so we are ready to solve any problems with your gas oven quickly. We have all the devices, skills and knowledge needed for this.

Dishwasher repair

No need to aim for hand dishwashing, you won’t get used to it: we will repair your dishwasher faster.

Refrigerator repair

Modern life is impossible without a refrigerator. Contact us, and our specialists will fix it.

Microwave oven repair

Microwave oven is one of the appliances which may work without any problems for a long time. But if there are any, you know who to call – contact us.

Dryer repair

If you have ever used a dryer, you’ll never want to stop using it. Indeed, no need to do it: even the problems are not an obstacle to convenience. We are ready to find out why your dryer is not working, to repair it or to replace the broken parts quickly and in a quality manner.

Washer repair

We all are quite helpless without a washer. Take care of your hands and don’t go away with the idea that you should postpone washing machine repair. Our company’s specialists are the experienced professionals who are able to bring any washer back to life even in the most complicated cases.

We are a certified home appliances repair center ready to provide our clients with:

Up to 1 year warranty

High-quality of parts and repair job.

Prompt response for your calls

You can pick a time that is most convenient for repair

We provide commercial and residential services

How does our service work?

Four steps are enough to bring your home appliances back to life:

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Give us a call

shape 2

Describe the problem

shape 3

Diagnostics and repair


Your appliance is ready!


Our service is all about high quality repair, satisfied clients, certified technicians and wellworking home appliances. We use only original parts and our prices are affordable.

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Popular services

Replacement of a defrost system.


Refrigerator temperature is not low enough.

Replacement of a heating element on a dishwasher


The dishwasher doesn’t dry the dishes.

Replacement of an ignitor on your dryer/oven


Your dryer doesn’t dry clothes / the oven doesn’t heat up

Filter cleaning and preventive maintenance of your dishwasher


The dishwasher works as always, but the dishes are not clean enough.

Replacement of a drain pump on your washer


Water doesn’t drain from a washer

Our features

Nothing pleases us more than the fact that our clients can take all the advantages of using home appliances without worrying about breakdowns. That’s why our company offers the most affordable prices. Our features:

  • Professional staff
  • All the needed parts are available
  • Modern repair equipment
  • Convenient ways to contact the repair center



When you are not sure if it is worth to repair your appliance, you need to compare the quality of an appliance you can afford as a replacement and the option of having your existing appliance properly repaired by a competent professional. We will diagnose your appliance to determine if it is better to repair or replace your appliance. Unfortunately, appliances right now are not designed as they were 10 years ago, so if you want to buy a replacement, you will need to pay more up front for a new, high-quality machine and live happily without any troubles with it for another 10 years or pay less for a low-end machine that you will probably need to replace in 3-4 years.
We will provide you with the 3 hours window that will work best for you. Our appliance repair expert will give you a call 30 minutes prior to his arrival.
It depends on several factors - the brand of the appliance, the problem with it, the complicity of the job. Usually it takes no more than 1-2 days to complete the repair. Our technician will tell you the estimated time it will take to complete the repair.
We are 100% sure in our technicians’ professionalism and knowledge, so we provide our clients with up to 2 years warranty for the parts and labour.
You can pay by check, cash or credit card. We also accept Venmo and PayPal.


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